Structural Designing Software
Structural Designing Software are the digital tools that are used to solve and analyse the forces and the other loads on a rigid mechanical and architectural structure. These are considered as one of the best tools for minimizing the errors to make flawless structures. 
Civil Engineering Software
From NISA,SAP2000 structural designing, CSI bridge design to ETABS, customers can get all kinds of civil engineering software that civil engineers can used when designing highways, bridges, buildings and other structures. 
Statistical Analysis Software
Iman Systems is a trusted provider of a range of statistical analysis software, which can be selected based on the parameter to be analyzed in detail. We have in our range software for structural analysis,buckling analysis and moving load analysis.
Systat Software
Systat Software is a software with all latest features and improved user interface. It can be installed by companies that stress upon data visualization, graphing and statistical analyzing.
Plaxis Software
We provide, both Plaxis 2D and 3D Software. The two variants can be used for two-dimensional and three-dimensional deformation and stability analysis respectively. We are targeting companies in civil as well as geotechnical engineering industry.
Interactive Data Management Software takes in data and changes it into several other types of data into a single storage container. It can build applications to collect as well as organize the business data online.
Scientific Graphing Software
Scientific Graphing Software has all efficient tools for the analytic needs, including peak analysis, signal processing, statistics and curve fitting. It has several common formats for exporting and importing data results.

We are providing our products across India.
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